Lauren Weston professional life coach



Can you answer yes to one or many of these statements...

Are you feeling uninspired, low in energy and far from the best version of yourself?

Do you have personal and/or professional dreams that you want to pursue but you are unsure how?

Do you lack clarity and a sense of purpose?

Do you find yourself rushing around with little time to prioritise your own needs and wants?

Are you ready to create change in your life and start living your best life?


LIFE COACHING is for you. 

If you’re new to coaching and you’re not sure how coaching with me could support you, or you’d like to know what it’s like to work with me then book a Free Discovery call to to find out more. 


What's included in Life Coaching

  • 3 Month bespoke coaching programme designed exclusively to you. 

  • Initial SMART Goal setting session to discover your priorities and objectives. 

  • 6  x 60 minute biweekly Coaching Sessions (via Zoom platform) for your chosen time. 

  • Recommended reading and resources to support you in achieving your goals.

  • 1 x Workshop from "Services" page of your choice inclusive of; Linked In Masterclass, Resilience Masterclass, Mindfulness and Interview Practice. 

  • Unlimited email and Whats pp support for the duration of your programme.

  • Post programme follow-up call to discuss your "Next Steps" and celebrate your achievements. 

What's to Expect in Life Coaching


  • An opportunity to refocus on your own purpose, dreams and goals.

  • Clearer focus on your Life direction.

  • Renewed confidence and a positive shift in mindset key for rediscovering true happiness.

  • Renewed energy and productivity as you work towards SMARTER Goals with a supportive accountability coach.

  • A short and long term Life plan (professional and personal) to allow you to keep on track and achieve your true purpose. 

If you are ready to create professional change and lead more of a fulfilled professional life; Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.