What My Clients Say....

"When applying for a promotion, Lauren was really supportive with the application process. Her expert knowledge of CV writing and the interviewing process was useful, and I secured the job!" She was also very helpful with coaching advice on Leadership and People Management skills. I Highly recommend her! 

Claire - Educational Leader & Entrepreneur

"Lauren is an incredibly personable, friendly and skilled coach. She helped me to transition from a career in the arts to wellbeing and my weekly coaching sessions enabled me to navigate this transition whilst focusing on my short, medium and long term goals. She helped me make a non-negotiable job list and helped me to identify my values and choose the right job. I found my sessions with Lauren motivating and confidence boosting and after Mock interview, I secured my first paid wellbeing role. I now feel more sure of my skills, aware of my career aspirations and I can confidently negotiate for my needs in the workplace. I loved her Linked In Masterclass, and now feel more confident when networking virtually. I highly recommend Lauren as a Career coach.

Cynthia - Career Transition & Business Start-up

"I met Lauren through Linkedin and was impressed by her rich activity and informative posts. After contacting her for help in my career progression she offered me CV/Cover Letter guidance and advice as a Leader. I would totally recommend her and the advice and guidance she gave me was invaluable"

Deborah - Promotion Preparation

Approaching your life in a positive way, with a forward trajectory is the only way to alter how you approach the everyday and gain motivation to take those first steps. Lauren is the first person I have worked with who has constructively provided me with strategies on how to move forward, rather than to simply reflect and dwell on mistakes of the past. She questioned my thinking in a way that was challenging enough without being too confronting, especially for someone who can be as insular as myself. I couldn't be happier with my first 6 sessions with Lauren Weston Coaching and look forward to working with Lauren further in the future, shifting my often rigid mindset, forming a plan and taking action to make positive changes in my life. Thank you, Lauren!

Domini - Educational Leader

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