Graduate Career Coaching By Certified Professional Expert Lauren

Career Coaching 


Can you answer yes to one or many of these statements...

Are you ready for a career move but you’re not sure what’s next?

Do you have ambition to progress in your current workplace but feel you lack the skills?

Is your career an important aspect of your life where you would like to see greater success and achievement?

Do you lack direction in how you want to grow and develop in your current role?

Are you struggling to identify your career purpose?

Did you fall into your job after University and you’re now wondering whether it is the right path for you?

Are you now feeling ready to create change and start working establishing and working towards your career goals to lead more of a fulfilled life?


CAREER COACHING is what you need! 

What's included

What to Expect

  • Introductory session focused on understanding your career aspirations and goals.

  • Personalised one-to-one bespoke coaching program tailored to your career goals. 

  • An exclusive session dedicated to short and long term Career planning.

  • Professional Strategic Analysis (SWOT) and target setting session.

  • CV, Linked In, and Job Application support and Proofreading service.

  • Dedicated Personal Branding, Marketing and Interview practice sessions.

  • Professional Development Plan resources and Guidance.

  • Time management tools and strategies for job hunting or Business start-ups.

  • Personalised suggested reading for Career development.

  • Post programme follow-up session to review and discuss progress. 

  • A clear short, medium and Long term career plan established.

  • A new found direction and understanding of your own career goals.

  • An enhanced confidence in your own professional skill set and understanding of the professional opportunities available to you. 

  • Supportive weekly coaching sessions designed to keep you accountable to your own Goals whilst encouraging you to continue on your chosen path.

  • Improved drive and Motivation to steer your career in the desired direction.

  • Dedicated Personal Branding, Marketing and Interview practice.

  • A shift in Mindset towards becoming more solution focused in professional and personal situations.

  • Unlimited 24/7 support via email and text throughout the programme.

Career Coaching By Certified Professional Expert In London