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Hi There!

I’m Lauren, your jet setting, triathlon obsessed, mindset and productivity coach. I work with women to stop procrastinating, discover their purpose and build a step-by-step plan to achieve their dreams.  Every “ah-ha” moment, break-through and success my clients have brings me closer to my purpose. 

As an experienced coach I work with high performing corporate leaders, educators and entrepreneurs to identify their purpose, discover their passions and build an actionable plan to crush their goals. Whether you are seeking a promotion, starting up a new business, or trying to lose weight, I offer solution-focused coaching where I will be with you every step of the way.

Having worked in Education for over ten years, eight of which have been in Leadership positions, I have always worked with a coach of my own which has allowed me to flourish in times of difficulty, prioritise my focuses and commit to bold actions. My own personal successes I have had from coaching has left me with a burning desire to help others identify and leverage their own strengths.

If you like qualifications and credentials, I hold a Masters degree in Leadership, have multiple Marketing Qualifications (copywriting/branding/digital marketing), and own three business side-hustles! My secret? Clear vision.

Whatever your goals are, with the right mindset, you can achieve (what seems) the impossible. If you are ready to dig deep and commit yourself to, book a Free, non-obligation Discovery Call to find out how we can work together. 


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Why Me?

Find out Why we could be the Perfect Match.

I am NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Certified/Insured

I have coached women in a variety of industries, from Public services to Tech, Charity MDs and Business owners, I hold a MA in Leadership. 

I work with Clients across the Globe; Australia/China/Bahamas and London, I can be flexible around your time zones.

I am a Business owner, certified in Personal Branding and Copywriting so I  fully understand the challenges and obstacles for Entrepreneurs when starting their first Business and can offer hints/tips for start-ups.

I have started my own Coaching Company from Scratch, with no support, budget or legal guidance.

I am a certified Mindfulness and Pilates Instructor.