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  • MA Educational Leadership

  • Accredited Career and Career Development Coach

  • Educational Trained Mentor

  • CIEP Professional Member

  • Association for Coaching Professional Member

  • Copywriter and Proofreader Certified

  • Professional Training in Personal Branding

  • Published Article in “Education Matters”

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Motivated, determined, and affable – Lauren aims to apply her wide range of learned skills to Empower women and bring a positive change around her via coaching. Her goal is to help others by assisting them in planning for success with self-care being at the core.


Over the years, she witnessed that women are typically underrepresented in leadership positions, and many of her colleagues gradually lost passion for progress in their career after struggling with burnout. This prompted Lauren to get out there and equip herself with skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to level up career-wise. She worked with coaches to find the answers and strengthen her own resilience in the workplace. It led her to the discovery of strategies and leadership styles that can help people excel in their professional and personal life. Equipped with expert knowledge, she is now focused on using her skills and experience to help others through Career and wellbeing coaching. She works with individuals to help them overcome personal and professional challenges. Her approach is focused on empowerment and confidence-building, with career progress being the end result. Her commitment to her cause of and helping others overcome life challenges is what sets her apart from other coaches.  

With a professional background in the field of Education and firsthand experience of struggles faced by Educators, she is especially committed to coaching people in Education. Currently, she is working coaching many educators, helping them progress in their careers while also finding a work-life balance to lead a more fulfilling life. However, her coaching expertise is not limited to educational areas by any means. She works with several individuals belonging to a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds.    


Lauren is also dedicated to her own career development, which is evident from her progress over the years. She moved into Educational leadership just after three years of teaching. While teaching is one of her passions – as it gives her a chance to interact with students and prepare them for personal, academic, and professional challenges – she believes in evolving and progressing professionally. She wants to aspire and develop in roles.

Being a Director of Sport, she is a big advocate of learning and development, which is why she is always looking for new ways of learning, development, and challenging herself to do more in life. Sport, especially Triathlon, is a big part of her life. Triathlon is a rather new hobby that she has been training and competing in for the last few years. She is now training alongside a coach with the aim to qualify for Great Britain in Amateur Triathlon.

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